Captured Moments: Summer Fun

Since I want to remember and cherish all the beautiful moments that come my way while I’m still living in Colorado, I’ve come up with something called “Captured Moments”-a photojournalistic way of capturing and remembering moments, people, and places. I’m by no means a professional photographer and often forget to take photos in the first place, but since I’m doing this blog I thought it would be a perfect place to store them. (Be prepared–I have a lot to catch up on!) These are moments I breathe thanks for–moments I will treasure forever.

Here’s one such captured moment from summer of 2014:

Shaving cream and Puff Cheetos fight! Not really sure who won…

Found this idea via Pinterest, of course! The original goal was to get as many puff Cheetos onto the mountain of shaving cream on the shower caps. And, as you can tell, it then escalated into an all-out war.

I found the idea and planned to do it with my niece, but I couldn’t believe it when we suddenly had my mom interested, too!

I also took this idea on a babysitting job, and let me tell you… you just don’t know what kind of fun you’re missing or how satisfyingly hilarious it is to land a Cheeto onto a pile of shaving cream until you try.

Life is just too crazy sometimes not to be a little crazy yourself!

So ridiculously fun, and generally enjoyed by all.

  • A few tips: Things escalate pretty quickly, and really, when you break out puff Cheetos and shaving cream… rules are pretty much thrown out the window. So be ready. 😉
  • For little kids, watch so the shaving cream doesn’t get in their eyes.
  • From head to toe, obviously don’t wear anything you’d mind getting messy. (Even with the shower caps it got a little bit into our hair.)
  • Have more puff Cheetos and shaving cream on hand than you think you’ll need. They get used up quick!
  • A lawn generally works best. For the babysitting job we played on their driveway, and it was a while before I could wash away the ground Cheetos and clumps of shaving cream.
  • Not for the faint of heart.

I have to say, though… a guaranteed way to have fun on a summer day, loosen up, and get lots of belly-aching laughs! We definitely had a blast and had a race afterwards, too, to see who could get to the shower first. 😉


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