Captured Moments: A Day on The Farm

Over the summer, I babysat for a family who live in a farmhouse that was built in the 1920’s. I loved every aspect of it… from etched glass, to weathered paint, to playful barn cats… everywhere I looked a story was waiting to be told! So here’s just a few of The Captured Moments. Come along with me for a day on the farm!

Weathered paint.

Weathered paint.

Mr. Boomer, my happy charge! :)

Mr. Boomer, my happy charge! 🙂

Farmhouse and clothing line.

Farmhouse and clothing line.

Another view of the house.

Another view of the house.

Discovering pine cones. :)

Discovering pine cones. 🙂

Very Colorado-like, I feel... pine cones and pine needles.

Very Colorado-like, I feel… pine cones and pine needles.

Really neat, big tree.

Really neat, big tree.

So stereotypical! Silly barn cat teasing the dog. :)

So stereotypical! Silly barn cat teasing the dog. 🙂

Silly cat still teasing dog.

Silly cat still teasing dog.

...Aaaand, barn cat teasing the baby. ;)

…Aaaand, barn cat teasing the baby. 😉

Gate to the house.

Gate to the house.

Look at that little red hand!

Caught red-handed!

Haha, that poor dog getting teased again by another cat! You can tell who runs the farm. ;)

Poor dog getting teased again by another cat! You can tell who runs the farm. 😉

Beautiful etched glass.

Beautiful etched glass.

Horse trailer.

Horse trailer.

Love the sun glare and stone of this barn!

Ivy crawling up the side of the brick barn. So much history!

Boomer lookin' contemplative.

Boomer lookin’ contemplative.

Hm, should I go?

Stopping to consider...

The road less traveled.

Yeah, I think I'll do it!

Love this shot too. The stone, the history... love the tree in the background as well.

Such a farm dog. ;)

It’s good to be a dog.

Vibrant pop of color against that dusty dirt road!

Vibrant pop of color alongside the dusty dirt road.



Captured Moments: Dandelion Dreamin’

Boe’s eyes light up as he watches dandelion seeds get carried away in the wind for the first time, and I smile.

With an official contract for the house and a closing date of September 1st, I’m feeling so many things. Excitement and hope for the future, joy and gratitude at God’s promises being fulfilled, but even more so today… melancholy and apprehension at all I’m leaving behind.

My childhood home. Friends and family and friends who are practically family. Mountains and… the tears bite at my eyes…


Ask me to leave anything else, Lord, but to leave this little guy, this piece of my heart behind… whose heartbeat I heard before he was even born, who melts me with every gleeful cry of “LaLaa!” as he runs into my arms, who cries when I even try to leave the room…

So many unknowns. Going to a place I’ve never seen, with a culture I’ve never experienced, knowing absolutely no one…

How can I ever do this? How do I let go? 

I pluck my own dandelion as tears fill my eyes.

It’s scary, Lord. Soon I’ll be completely without a home, a job, a church, friends, or anyone I even remotely know. Like Abraham, you’ve asked us to go to a land we’ve never seen and that you’ll show us once we get to it. Which is terrifying. Even harder is all we leave behind. 

But yet… 

A Bible verse springs to mind as I twirl the dandelion in my hand. There is a time and a season for every activity under heaven. Both a time to uproot, and a time to plant…

Ah, Lord, that’s a good way to put it. So much uprooting. 

And yet…

He makes everything beautiful in its time. 

A measure of peace comes into my soul as I realize I won’t be letting go…

I’ll be handing over. 

To the One who knows my needs before I even ask and who saw my every day before it had ever happened, whose thoughts toward me outnumber the grains of sand and who asks us to cast our cares upon Him because He cares… I steal a glance at Boe… are His arms not better than mine to hold the thing closest to my heart? 

Oh, Lord, it’s so hard. He’s so little. He won’t understand. I love him so much.

But you have proven yourself faithful time and again, and you have won the right to be Lord over my life. I’ve made the mistake of not trusting you so many times. So… He’s yours, Lord. The fears, the worries, the pain in saying goodbye… I give them all to you. Thank you, Father, for even being willing to take them at all. He’s always and ever belonged to you, and I know He’s safe and loved in Your embrace. 

‘Though there’s pain in the offering, blessed be your name.’ 

I blow the dandelion seeds into the wind, and with them I release the worries and a prayer… not letting go, but handing over. Something I’ll need to do more than once. But for this moment…

I hold Boe close, and we smile as we watch the seeds twirl their way to heaven.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

It’s a promise we can count on.

This was Boe's first ever experience with a dandelion. I did my best to get a shot of him blowing one, but he was way too fascinated with my camera as well to get any great shots. :)

Whoa, what is that?

View from the playground area at our house on a cloudy/almost rainy day.

It's all in the details.

Eyelashes and Discovery.

Boe's turn to take pics!

Baby selfie! (Totally not prompted, by the way. He just did this on his own.)

Baby selfie! 

Slide time!